Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Witcher

Today I'm reading my gift from Santa - The Witcher. I have wanted to read the books ever since I've met MFL* which was 7 years ago. I've just realised how long I know Him. And how amazing it is that I still have contact with him, despite the fact that I'm living here, he's living in Poland and I have a Boyfriend. All this years went by and I still have a major crush on MFL. I would something to happen, but I start to realise that nothing will actually happen. Anyway, it's a miracle that we still keep in touch considering the fact that I have no news from people I've known my entire life (or 18 years to be precise).

Yesterday I was looking for the books online and I've even planned to buy them next time I'm in Poland. And apparently Santa decided that I was a nice and so I got them yesterday. Whole package. Is it wrong to get something from your Boyfriend which reminds you of someone else - someone you have feelings for? I'm reading and thinking about MFL all the time. All day. I've texted him in the morning, but he can't be on Skype today to talk. I know that I have no future with him, but I still wonder what it would be like... If we had this chance.

*MFL = My First Love

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