Thursday, 16 December 2010

Trying to find Christmas atmosphere

So the Christmas cards have been finally sent and all I can do right now is pray that they'll arrive on time. For a couple of years I've been putting it for the last minute and the only reason I've sent them today was when I heard that AW is sending hers today. Few years ago I've been sending them at the very beginning of December and this year - even though I had cards for a month (!!!) I was stuck. And I had to make a walk in a pouring rain to the tube - that's the price you pay for being lazy.

I've been so close to buying a nice extra-small Christmas tree (around 10cm), but because it's alive I know we won't have space, so it can grow later. We already have one plant-leftover from Easter two years ago (it died almost 5 times, because I wasn't watering it. It reminds me - I must water it today.) And I don't have a heart to just throw it away like a disposable tissue. But we will go this weekend to the storage unit and take Christmas lights to make a window decoration. If I can't have a full-on Christmas display, at least I deserve to have a mini display.

"The sea gave her back..."
I've read today that in Israel storm unearthed an ancient Roman statute which is estimated to be at least 1,700 years old! Isn't it amazing?! To think who it represented, where it stood and who crafted it - lost and forgotten for centuries. It makes me sad that we'll probably never find the face and how many other treasures lie somewhere forgotten.

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