Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 resolutions

I wasn't supposed to be writing this today - after shutting down the laptop few hours ago I decided to read and just spend a peaceful evening. But when I was laying in bed I thought of few more New Year resolutions I can add to my list. 

I was inspired by Amy Blackwell's idea for this year's resolutions and I made a list of 23 things to achieve/complete/do - while I'm 23. Hopefully, it will encourage me to change my life for a better one.

My list of 23 things:
  1. Find a job
  2. Study Spanish and pass certificate exam
  3. Study French and prepare for certificate exam
  4. Produce more drawings
  5. Paint an oil painting
  6. Read more poetry
  7. Be more patient
  8. Decide what I want to do in life
  9. Decide on the tattoo's design
  10. Write and send more letters
  11. Keep up my friendships and don’t wait for friends to write to me – write myself first
  12. Eat healthy
  13. Exercise – I don’t have bike for just admiring it (even though it is cute)
  14. Take care of myself – more positive thinking and chin up
  15. Read more  in different languages
  16. Make a new friend
  17. Spend less evening-time on the computer – so I can go peacefully to sleep
  18. Keep up blogging – maybe I’ll have 50 Followers or more!
  19. Celebrate every anniversary and holiday – even if it is a walk in the park
  20. Use my British Museum Pass
  21. Learn how to tame my hair
  22. Find a way to help others
  23. Motivate myself when I'm lazy


  1. Hello Queen, yes, I am an arty type - or at least I try to be! :) x

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