Saturday, 8 January 2011

Every home needs a Harvey

Oh, how I miss my dog Krecik - every time I watch this:

If for some reason you cannot watch the video type:  
Dogs Home TV Ad (every home needs a Harvey) 
into the YouTube search box.

I'm not saying that Krecik is perfect like that - far from it! - but it's just the idea of having a dog. All my life I've wanted one and now I'm away and would give almost anything - even my Jimmy Choos - to have one. 

Relaxing during break from filming


  1. ja się przez Was (albo dzięki Wam) uczę angielskiego;)

  2. I love dogs a lot...maybe too much. I have four of them and don't know how I would get on without their company.
    That video is too cute...I just told my two Yorkies they need to start pitching in around here!

  3. @Klarka - Super Klarko, bardzo sie ciesze! :)

    @Adrienne - I love your dogs! Seriously, every time I see them in your photos I smile - they are so cute! xox


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