Monday, 24 January 2011

Nothing much

The weekend was lazy and I can only sum it up as "the usual". Nothing exciting. Today I went to the work experience office. I like going there, I like sitting in the office with D. and our gossiping about everything, I like the clients and their stories and I like the fact that when I'm there I feel needed and I can help. 

I have to start my Spanish intensive course. I've been putting it back - no motivation, laziness - it's all me, I know. I need to prepare and then really enroll on the course. DELE exams are in May, August and November and I would like to pass at least Intermediate this year. It is possible. It's even possible for me to pass level Superior, but I want to take it easy and within moderation, so this won't overwhelm me.

On the job front - nothing. I've sent some applications today, but more for the sake of sending it rather than anything else. I'm really, really worried. AW told me that at the end of the month is the firms will know their budget (after filing tax forms), so probably it'll get better. I don't want to think about it.

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