Saturday, 1 January 2011

NYE report

O M G. My feet hurt. They hurt like crazy. My feet are numb. I danced like crazy person. Honestly, like if there was not going to be tomorrow. I'm thankful to Santa that he brought me a Body Shop foot mask, which will be very helpful today.

NYE party was fun. The music was loud, the drinks were strong and the girls were great as always. The balance is: drink spilled on me: 5 (three by Dom-Dom), drinks spilled by me: 4 (it's not my fault that Monx pushed me through the crowd!). Drunken messages sent: ONLY one!

I just have one question: Why is that your boyfriend is always the worst dancer? OK, considering what I saw yesterday, maybe not the worst, but very near.

At least the tube was working all night and we came back around 5am. We slept, we ate some breakfast around 2pm. I am tired. On the outside I try to convince everyone that I'm happy, but on the inside I'm sick to my stomach - I'm scared that even in New Year I still won't find a job. I'm afraid of what will happen next.

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