Sunday, 30 January 2011

Swans and King's Speech

King's Speech is one of the major contenders for Oscars this year. It has 12 nominations including for Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth) and Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter). I truly hope that it will win most of them and certainly one for Mr Firth and my personal favourite - Miss Carter. The movie is great! Amazing thing is that it does not have any special effects or over-the-top Hollywood style. It's simple, rather raw. I love the fact that the camera concentrates on the close-ups (thankfully, no Botox in sight!) but you can see a blurred background.

On the way to the cinema we decided to make a quick walk in the Reservoir. Boyfriend had his dangerous encounter with the swans, who were very unhappy about the fact that we didn't bring them any food (we always forget about it). All of a sudden he was encircled with the swans, which started to hiss and put their beaks to his pockets. I only took a couple of photos with my BlackBerry, because we forgot to put a card into my camera, but this will be certainly something to remember! Maybe it's good that we didn't see Black Swan today - Boyfriend could have nightmares!


  1. I just saw "The King's Speech" last week and adored it like you did. I really hope it wins lots of awards!

  2. I really want to see The King's Speech. It looks amazing.

    On a side note, swans can be vicious. I raise ducks, so I know all about the mean side of water fowl.
    You really should see Black Swan. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.


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