Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So I'm getting ill. I have funny feeling in my throat and a little fever - nothing serious...yet. I so don't want to be ill right now. My state can be only blamed on the vanilla milkshake consumed two days ago. I remember two things: sitting in a car and saying that it's madness to have milkshake on the second of January and then coming up the stairs and saying that my throat feels weird. So there it is. My own fault (but it tasted really good). I'll do almost anything (except drinking Lemsip - I HATE it - and even word "hate" is an understatement) to feel better. 

I can't be having a cold - I need to send CV and apply for jobs. Today was the first time this year (it sounds so "uprising"... NOT) when I logged on all the dreaded websites. I was really expecting some more ads, but so far - as I see it - nothing which may turn into a job interview. I've sent some CVs, but as I say - I won't be expecting any calls. To be honest I was surprised, because I thought that there will be plenty of ads, but I try to convince myself that it's only fourth of January and in the UK it's the first day when people actually went to work (yesterday was a Bank Holiday). So I'll be checking and sending more CVs on Thursday and Friday - then the usual weekend break and back on Monday. Tomorrow I'll be talking to Mother and I just need to be strong and don't care what she says. It's so hard, but I need to do it for my own sanity.

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