Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Visiting AW

Today I went to Kent to visit VERY pregnant AW - she only has 7 weeks left! Showing off my new hair I've finally dusted my curler and actually used it. I love having wavy hair and I didn't even complain (as always) that despite spraying on at least half bottle of the hairspray they still uncurled. The weather in London was fantastic - you know, one of these sunny mornings with blue sky and even though it is colder than a couple of last days, I prefer sun over rain - even though you need to wear gloves and scarf. 

This time on Charing Cross I managed to get on the right platform and off I went. 

I bet you recognize it

When I get there, at the station I first saw a huge bump and then AW herself. It is so scary funny how she looks. But I can see that she's already had enough - even though her due date is March 11. She has nesting syndrome which forced her to re-paint baby's room 3 times already. They still don't know the name and my offer of ME choosing one for them was declined. I wonder why? I'm visiting her next week, because she has so few pregnancy photos that we're going to make some photo session. She managed to squeezed me in between hospital visits, pregnancy classes and hairdresser.

Even though she's tired as hell, has terrible deficiency in beauty and make-up products (she had to throw all of her lipsticks and lipglosses away because she couldn't stand the smell!) and pregnancy diabetes (she says that she had all of the pregnancy "things" except two) I can see she's so happy. Both of them are - I saw 3D photos of little Lord W and saw him tongue sticking out and covering his eyes with his hands (apparently 3D photo machine was blinding him with the light and he did not approve) - and this photo is the wallpaper on both AW's and her hubby's mobiles. My first reaction was to laugh, but then I thought - how cute is that? 

On a different note it is actually AMAZING what a modern technology can do. Forget about times when people knew the sex of the baby when it was coming out - now we can see  baby  throughout the pregnancy, know the sex, and even check when it ate lunch, because apparently you can see his stomach being full on the scan!

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  1. Hmmm..not sure if i like that whole stomach content thing...
    Madam..Guess what?
    I nominated you for a Blog award on my blog.


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