Tuesday, 25 January 2011

AM came to London!

Today was CRAZY! In the morning I went to the work experience office, because they asked me yesterday and I've helped with some witness statement documents. I also had a nice chat with D. about horse riding. Oh, how much I miss it. The fact that I can't afford it makes me so sad, especially because horse riding is one of these things which really makes me happy no matter what.

Then, I travelled to Bond Street to meet AM!!! She came to London for her graduation, which was yesterday. It was AMAZING to see her - we had sushi and went to Selfridges to buy her mom a birthday present - Louis Vuitton bag. Apparently, LV does not sell two the same items to Asians. There was an Asian lady, who was buying a wallet and a bag and the shop assistant told her, that this combination is OK, but she is not allowed to buy two wallets or two bags at the same time - she has to come back next day! I was so surprised! It sounds like a discrimination and a breach of EU law - freedom of movement of goods (Articles 28-30), but then - China and Japan are not in the EU (obviously), so they can't do anything... Apparently, the same restrictions are in the Parisian LV stores and there are people who are willing to pay a white person to do extra shopping for them. This reminds me when Jimmy Choo for H&M collection hit the stores and I was queuing with AB for 5 hours to get the bag and shoes. The girl outside the queue asked AB to get her shoes and she even wanted to pay, but AB simply said: karma.

Anyway, I had a long and  nice chat with AM. She assured me that everything's going to be fine and I just have to keep trying. She is miserable back home and was so depressed she couldn't even eat the food. She simply started crying every time her mom put a plate in front of her. I am so glad I've spent half day with her! We both had tears in our eyes when we said goodbye, but it is for now. And she will visit more often.

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