Friday, 28 January 2011

Lady Gaga for Mugler

J'adore Lady Gaga. Ever since I've listened to Poker Face, Bad Romance and Alejendro I knew she was special. She is a true artist who dedicated her whole life to being one - a rare thing these days. The only disappointment for me was when she wore that meat dress. Since I am a true animal lover and animal rights fighter I could never agree on that. 

Last year I went to her concert. O M G. There are no words. She really connects with the audience and you have a feeling that she is talking and performing only for you. On 13 February 2011 she releases a new single Born This Way - from her upcoming album of the same title. I cannot wait! 

Nicola Formichetti who is Lady Gaga's personal stylist was involved in development of Thierry Mugler's new collection. As a sneak preview of her album, Lady Gaga's remix of Scheiße was played during the catwalk show.


  1. Pssssst....I think Lady Gaga is really a guy...Not that it matters or anything...but i am suspicious of it. What do you think Madame?

  2. That's cool...but the tatted up guy scares me a little.


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