Friday, 21 January 2011


Nothing really happened since my short escapade to AW except I watched an enormous amount of Glee episodes and I love it! So that makes me an official GLEEK! I better get a badge or something. I wasn't so convinced about this show at the beginning, because I'm not a fan of musicals, but Glee is much more than that!

The show was created by Ryan Murphy, who was also behind one of my all time favourite TV series - Popular. There were only two seasons of Popular, but I remember how I watched it religiously every Saturday evening. Even though I already had a computer then (with 512 MB hard-disk = SCORE!), I didn't even dream of  something called Internet, so imagine my anticipation for every episode! Of course now I watch it on-line or... erm... I find different means to do it.

I like Glee, because it covers difficult areas like being an outcast, sexual orientation, bullying and disability. I also like the fact that they use contemporary songs - but I bet that in 10-15 years my children will give my pity looks when I will turn Glee on.

I am also getting better in styling my hair! Now, because it is much shorter, I can easily and more quickly operate all the machinery. So far I tried my Braun Satinstyler for waves/curls and BaByliss You Curl for the bohemian waves. It works, but I think I need to invest in better hairspray and keep checking not to switch the styler off. After watching some inspiration video tutorials on YouTube I'm thinking about BaByliss Glamour Waves Curling Tong - PERFECT for creating these large loose waves, because it has 38mm barrel. When I complained that I can never achieve this look, the hairdresser suggested getting a perm on a huge rollers, but I'm pretty scared I'll damage my healthy hair, so it's a no for me. 


  1. You're in London so I don't know if you have it around but People magazine just did an entire issue about Glee. I'm not a Gleek yet but I am a huge fan of the soundtracks. I'm sure once I sit down and watch, I'll be converted. My husband, a true Gleek now, as told me this much.

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