Saturday, 29 January 2011

AB's birthday party

Last night we went for the AB's birthday party. When it was time to get ready I was not exactly in a party mood, because the club we were supposed to go to - Abacus - is in the City. This means that it could be in a middle of nowhere for me. Because the London tube does NOT work after 1am, the only options of how to get home that you have when you go clubbing is (1) take a night bus - not a good option when you are going alone, plus, you may still need to take a long walk as the bus routes are not that many; (2) take a cab/mini cab - very pricey option, not good if travelling alone, because you can't split the bill with others. I am still shocked by the fact that the public transport in London is so horrible. I know that they need to do maintenance of tracks and everything, but still - the lines are usually closed completely at weekends. I was voting for Boris Johnson, because he promised that the tube will be open on Friday and Saturday until 3am. Never trust a politician.

Anyway, I was not happy about Abacus choice, because this would mean that I would go for only 2 hours of clubbing! Besides the last tube our other option was changing 3 buses which would last around 1,5h. Not fun at all. And because recently in London it's freaking freezing, I was not keen on going outside. In the end, I gathered my strength and we went there. It was even worse than I expected, but hey - I knew it anyway - from the last time I've been there. I only had one Sex on the Beach and that was it for me. 

AB was freaking out, because Boyfriend came with me. I think she was secretly hoping that he wouldn't come - even though she sent him an invitation. The reason for her uneasiness was that the guy she is cheating her boyfriend with was also there! His every attempt of talking to the Boyfriend was quickly suppressed by AB and all the time she was telling me to keep them separated. I think that if she wouldn't be that drunk, she probably would have a heart attack. She will get caught eventually. I've done a little catching up with Dom-dom and AP too, but what we need is a proper girls' night out. 

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